Sunday, January 26, 2014


I've been dabbling in the idea of opening up a store front for the last year.....I just started a (secret) pinterest board of all the things I would carry in my shop.  It would be a dream to carry only small/independent businesses from across the world.  Supporting the small businesses is extremely important to me.  It's sustainable and more unique.   I would carry clothing that is meant for the everyday person, but that has some sort of dark/badass twist to it.  Jewelry that is handcrafted and unique.....runic, anatomical, vintage.  Bags made by hand from real leather.  Killer graphic apparel for the everyday wear.  Core basics made with superior quality. And of course, SOVRIN.  I would love to be able to sell the full Witching Hour Line in store on top of all my printed apparel.  The design for the shop itself would be rustic/warehouse style.  Pale wood floors, brushed silver hardlines.....but offset by a white fur accent rug next to a black plush couch/seating arrangement......

I've been thinking about this for a while now.

I figure the first step is to at least see what I would even put in this shop.  Then if the day comes.....and a spot opens up....and the time is right....I'll be all planned through for the inventory.

ANYWAYS.....for the pictures.....
It's been a bit since I've been shopping, but my boyfriend and I went downtown for a shopping day trip.   Here are my finds!  (some from today some from a previous purchase....that just had to be shown because it's so cool) 

Shredded crop sweater:  Kill City

4 star beanie: Freedom Skate Shop

Thrasher scarf: Freedom Skate Shop

World War II hoodie:  Grit N' Glory

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