Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have a day off tomorrow, so I'm planning on doing some outfit posts and some solid blogging and planning. I'm hoping I will then be back on track with all of this.  This whole moving thing has really put a wrench in my plans.  And I've been sleeping like crazy.  It's not the best thing.  So update on my life.  Well here are a few photos of my place.  (very small tidbits)

Here is my patio.  I am in need of some lights to go around the railing, the ones my boyfriend had don't work :(  So in the mean time, we're using candles.  Which isn't so bad.  I have two little potted plants, basil and cilantro.  Next year I want to get so many more plants.

I just went out and splurged.  Bought a 42" LCD.  It was only $428 though.  I've been meaning to buy one for a while now.  Last year my room mate had a huge tv, so I didn't have to worry about buying one.  But when we moved, I only had my tiny 22" time for an upgrade!  My boyfriend and I made this deal that if I buy a TV, he buys an Xbox

I re-painted my once green dresser into black.  And I LOVE it.  I love the gold accents of the handles.  So cute.  And then of course I dressed it up with all of my jewelry and candles....and skulls.  I think it's quite pretty :)

This is my favorite necklace.  You can see some of my tattoo....which by the way I need to get finished.  Eek!  I'm just waiting on some money.

This last week is going to be super stressful.  We are on the last week of August for bonus.  And my god we are just so close.  Its a difference of a lot of money if we don't make the month.  I was bummed because yesterday we had a terrible day.  So we are literally battling on this last $300.....ah!  I really want to pull this through.  *breathe* 

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