Sunday, August 5, 2012


I know I've kind of posted this before, but I want to apologize to any readers following my blog. This next week and a half will have little to no new blog posts. I'm packing and cleaning a ton as I am moving on the 15th. I'm so excited for my new place, and will post photos of my decorating and all that stuff. But as of now, I'm just swamped with packing and work. (I'm working 8 days in a row and get 1 day off this week! :'( sad day) And then on the 16th we are having a corporate visit. It's pretty much the best timing ever as I will be in the middle of unpacking and just making things look fantastic. Oh what fun stuff!  So with all this, I will also probably not have any new Lookbook posts for a while.

Oh I am just so looking forward to being done with moving and these awkward long stretches of work!  Stress levels will be on the ultimate high end.

On another note, I've kind of been thinking more and more about a regular schedule for blog postings.  I know many bloggers who have a solid blog plan out what they will be writing about every day.  I'm hoping that once I've moved and settled in I will be able to actually do 1 post a day or in the least, 5 times a week.  Here are  my ideas.

MONDAY:  Music Monday
On this day I will tell you about a current band, CD, or song I'm in love with.  Or if I've seen any recent concerts, I will tell about that.  I have quite a wide taste in music, so this should be fun!
TUESDAY:  Tuesday Trends
If you don't know this already I'm OBSESSED with trends and trend forecasting.  On Tuesdays I will go through and tell you what I think the new trends are, what I'm super excited about, or the new thing I'm just DYING to have.  I used to always write down trends in a little sketchbook I would carry around, but lately haven't been doing that.  I'm still observing them just as much, but this will help me to document what I'm seeing.
WEDNESDAY: A Week In Instagram
Yes, I have finally given into the lovely little app people call Instagram.  I think that Wednesdays will be a great time to go through and post all my pics from Instagram from the last week.  If I don't feel that my amount of photos is sufficient, I may just do this every other week.  We'll see.  If you guys want to follow my Instagram, my username is kbgarland13
THURSDAY:  Thursday Thrift
I will show some of my favorite thrift finds, or newest ones.  Or even some of the things I've made from my steals.  I always LOVE seeing what people find at thrift stores, and what they end up doing with it.  So I hope that my readers will enjoy this as much as I do!
Yes I know that this one doesn't rhyme or start with an F, but I do a lot of DIY and I think that this would be the perfect day to showcase what I've made in the week.  If I haven't had time to DIY, then I will post some of the things that I want to try.  I am one of those gals who's jumped on the Pinterest wagon, so I'm constantly seeing so many great DIY projects that I am so excited to start!
SATURDAY: ............WILDCARD!  Or any ideas?
SUNDAY:  Sunday Style
Sunday Style will be a recap of some of my lookbook posts and outfits.  I think this may be every other Sunday, as I am not one to post more than twice a week on Lookbook.  So if I'm not posting about my look recap, it may be of some other topic.

For some reason to me the week always starts on a Monday.  Even though it starts on Sunday, but to me Sunday is the day you chill and get re organized in life, and prepare for the whole next week of work and madness.

If you guys have any ideas or anything you want me to blog about, please leave a comment!  They are always welcome!

Oh I had colored my hair....added some black and purple to it.  Isn't the best picture, but I'll leave you with this!  I always feel that a blog post is so empty without photos!

Okay well I'm going to get back to packing.  Writing some is a nice little distraction from all this tedious packing.



  1. Great post !

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    1. Thank you so much! And yeah I'll definitely check out your blog :D