Monday, February 18, 2013


I did quite a bit of printing today.  I had 2 new designs to print for my upcoming fashion show.  Everything turned out really great.  I was extremely nervous to print the leggings, just because I had to make sure they ended up completely symmetrical, and that each side didn't touch each other with wet ink.  It was a task, but  a lot easier than I expected.

I used masking tape to line up each print.

I'm wearing one of the "test" pairs.  It was the first pair I printed.  I had one side pulled higher.  So this isn't a final thing.  The other pairs I printed are symmetrical.  The sword on the left was a 2 pass print, where as the sword on the right was a 3 pass print.  I stuck with using 3 passes for the remaining leggings.

I printed the new "creature" design on a hoodie for myself.  It turned out awesome! Again, these photos aren't for professional use, just to show y'all what to expect.

Anyways the day went really well.  I took a lot longer than I expected for printing though.....there never seems to be enough time in the day.

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