Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  1. I got this case secondhand when I was probably around 17.....it's still one of my favorite bags!  And has now been made my official makeup bag.
  2. I RARELY use foundation, but whenever I do, I have Bare Minerals.
  3. This is just a random Forever 21 blush.  I am in the market for some new stuff though.  Recently, I went into Sephora for the first time and now I understand the beauty of good makeup.  I am in LOVE with Kat Von D's makeup line....so I'm planning on buying her blush next :)  Hopefully someday all my makeup is from Sephora.
  4.  I use Hot Topic's Blackheart marker eyeliner.  It's wonderful.  It's pretty much like using a felt tip marker to do eyeliner.  
  5. I always use a light gloss before going out.
  6. This eye shadow is something I use if I don't feel like doing heavy makeup, I just put a little under my brow for highlights. 
  7. Clinique Mascara
  8. This is my blush brush, it's super soft!
  9. Oh my Kat Von D Saint pallet.....this is my love.  Ever since I've gotten it, I've used it almost every day.  I never used to do much makeup before I leave for the day, but this pallet has made me excited to do makeup.  I wear a bit more than I used to, but it's a lovely neutral pallet.
  10. This is my array of brushes :)  Nothing too special.
Well there you have it, that's what's in my makeup bag.  I've never done one of these before, but it sounded like fun.

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